Pasteur Institute of India
(An Autonomous Institute Under Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India)

Departmental Estate Committee

Departmental Estate Committee
  • (a) Dr. A. Premkumar, Assistant Director – Chairman
  • (b) Shri R. Mohan, Senior Research Officer – Member
  • (c) Dr. K.C. Shivanandappa, Senior Research Officer – Member
  • (b) Shri A. Vairamoorthy, Administrative Officer - Member
  • (e) Dr. N. Sivananda, Assistant Research Officer– Member
  • (f) Dr. S. Jagannathan, Assistant Research Officer – Member
  • (g) Dr. T. Sekar, Assistant Research Officer– Member
  • (h) Shri P. Sasikumar, Private Secretary – Member
  • (i) Shri A. Sentil Kumar, Laboratory Assistant – Member
  • (j) Shri A. K. Jithendran, Laboratory Assistant – Member